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i’m sick!

i’m sick!, originally uploaded by maliayosh.

health care in the U.S. is sooo expensive… it’s amazing how much you can get for so little here in thailand!

a couple of days ago i started getting sick – runny nose, cough, etc. and aung has been sick since we arrived last week. she finally gave in on sunday and went to the doctor downstairs – they’re pretty much all over the place here, either a doctor or a pharmacy, and you never need an appointment, just walk right in. she got an injection and some medications and she’s been feeling a lot better but the doctor told her to rest, drink water, etc.

yesterday i felt horrible! i took some medicine aung had over night and it made me sleepy, which was good. i ended up sleeping most of the day (about 19 hours total!) and got up around 5pm with the girls to go walk down to the mall to run some errands. i kept feeling really hot and cold, and by the time we got back near the apartment i decided it was time for me to go to the doctor too.

i was worried about the cost, even though we have travel insurance we’d have to submit a claim so i was hoping it would be cheap and i wouldn’t have to worry about it… we went into the doctor’s office and aung explained to her my symptoms and i just filled out a card with name, age, etc. then in about 2 minutes she was ready to examine me. she took my temperature and told me my fever was at 102! i didn’t even realize it was that bad because it’s just so hot in general! she said my throat is really inflamed too, so i have to drink more water and get lots of rest etc. she gave me the same injection that aung got the day before to help with body aches and the fever and i have five sets of pills for the different symptoms to take as needed. she kept portioning out more and more pills and in my head i’m thinking “oh no, i hope this isn’t getting too expensive!” and then she tells me 500 baht.

500 baht? really?!?

500 baht is like $16US. amazing… and i woke up today feeling much better. i’m going to get some more rest this afternoon though so that i’ll be ready for our 10-day meditation retreat up north in chiang mai… you can see more about the place we’ll be doing our meditation course by the link on the right hand side under “our travel resources” – “northern insight meditation center – chiang mai”. my cousin kimberly took the 10 day course there and reading about her experience made me so excited to go and try it. you can also search for their profile on – put “” into the search box at the top and it will take you to their page with more information, no need to log in.

thanks again to all of you for reading along and checking in with us. we love all your comments and we feel like we have you all along with us… =)

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7 responses to “i’m sick!”

  1. christy says:

    feel better malia! it was great to chat with you tonight. i can’t wait to hear about the meditation retreat

  2. thea says:

    Eric and I are happy to hear that you and Jess are experiencing a lot. Bummer that you’re sick though…we just came back from Taipei and I caught a cold there too!! Take care and say hi to Jess for us!!

  3. Mom says:

    Hope you are feeling better now and glad it is so easy and cheap to get help! Good luck on the meditation retreat! It’s cold here:)…love, Mom

  4. Jessica says:

    Hope you feel better Malia! I love your blogs. I’m so glad to hear you are having a great time!

  5. jims says:

    Aloha, Malia! Got your email this morning & the URL for your blog. What an exciting adventure! And I’m so glad you’re blogging the experience. This way we can all go along for the ride. I’ll be logging on regularly to read your thoughts and observations and to view your pictures. I haven’t had breakfast yet so the photo with the huge bowl of noodles caught and held my attention. LOL! Take care of your health. Be sure to take the rest that the doctor ordered. -Jim

  6. Brianne says:

    Yay! I hope you feel better Malia. I’m excited to hear more about your meditation retreat. Will you have internet access while there?

  7. Eric says:


    Thanks for the post. Do you think it’s easy for computer programmers to find work in Thailand?

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