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fear factor

for all of you who kept asking when i’d be trying something as weird as the stuff jess has been so bravely eating for our video blogs…

i ate a cricket!

i ate a cricket! just the head, and honestly it didn’t taste THAT bad – it really was like “chips”. but the smell grossed me out so i left it at that.

and another cambodian delicacy (that i will NOT try!)… tarantulas! yuck!!!

fried tarantulas

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3 responses to “fear factor”

  1. Mom says:

    Looks gross!!!!!

  2. kim says:

    just fyi…i think they prepare those creatures for “tourists” just to see which ones will actually eat it. i met some people from thailand in vegas and they said they NEVER ate the stuff and thought it was funny that my friends did. hahahahaha. sucker!!! hahahaha.

  3. wendy says:

    cricket heads?! not too bad, i suppose. tarantulas are definitely outside of my comfort zone! and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALIA!! love, wendy

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