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Change in plans…

Ok, so we were supposed to buy our RTW ticket this week but it didn’t happen. What has happened is that some plans have been changed and the RTW trip will have to wait to some other year. 🙁

I am extremely disappointed but hey, no worries. We will still get to travel and the reason for the change is a good one.

First, I don’t have control over the dates I have to be in Los Angeles. I went to the interview this past Tuesday and was told that I was going to be called back either March 25th or April 29th. They cannot tell me a specific date but they did say that they will let me know by March 15th when I’ll be called back.
Since I have to be back in LA one of those dates, I cannot make plans of going to South America if I have to be in LA April 29th. I looked into buying a Roundtrip ticket from Lima2LA and it’s expensive! So there goes that idea.

Second, I am in the process of moving to NYC and I want to look into the possibility of buying property. If I do such a thing, I need to be around to look for the property, get a loan, sign the contract and close the deal. I thought about doing all of this after my trip but I’ll be working and won’t have time, waste money in rent, etc. So there goes that idea of traveling all 4 months.

But hey, never the less, I will get to travel somewhere (Europe, Caribbean, who knows). There are many possibilities and I won’t know until I finish my duties here in San Francisco (in other words, finish writing my masters!). I am trying to finish this ASAP so I can pack up and take everything down to LA and then hit the road to NYC and then travel.

We’ll see what happens. I guess I need to change the title of this blog to … who knows?!

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