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Tuesday, February 1st, 2005

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I’m older than twenty one and I am younger than the Titanic.
I love to dance and I don’t like mean people.
I currently live on Treasure Island San Francisco and I’m finishing my Masters @ UC Berkeley in Mechanical Engineering and a certificate in Management of Technology.

I’m about to embark on a 4-5 month trip around the world (sometime in March) and I would love to meet up with anyone anywhere I am going. ALSO, I would love to get any ideas from anyone that is or has been in the following countries: Guatemala, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia.

I have a list of friends that I will visit during my trip, but would love to meet new people as well! I leave around March 10th!!!!

The base of my trip are 3 continents: South America, part of Europe, and South East Asia….but the countries I’m going to are flexible.

Sara (my girlfriend) will be traveling with me. VERY EXCITED!

The idea of this trip started my first semester in Grad School. I learned about (a website that sells RTW tickets) and read about stories of traveleres that had traveled the world. Some people took 1 or 2 years off their ‘life’ to go travel around the world. Since then, I always had the idea of going around the world to learn about different cultures and to share my own culture. I’m looking forward to the idea of feeling free and independent. Now that I know I am actually going around the world, I can’t believe it…not until I am on the plane to Peru!

If you would like to know more about me, click here to go to by website. I update it once a blue moon, but it has recently been updated!

One more thing, I would love for you to post a comment on my Global Guest Book…’s actually pretty cool! SIGN MY GUEST BOOK!

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Bio For All Time

Saturday, January 1st, 2005

I was reading the Bio post I wrote 2 years ago and it does say a lot about me, but things have changed. Hence I want to create a post with a Bio that doesn’t change.

I’m a person who loves to travel. Every opportunity I get, I’m on a plane, train, car, or bike to go somewhere new; to experience different foods, cultures, languages, buildings, etc. I thrive in change of environment because it helps me learn. I also love freedom, freedom to choose what to do today and where to visit. This leads me to the type of traveling I like. I love month long trips or more. I don’t mind the 1 week trips, but to really travel, one needs to travel for a month or longer to experience the freedom.

My career: that changes from time to time. Sometimes I’m a student, sometimes a consultant, some times an engineer. As you can tell, I have my priorities straight. 🙂

I love to plan trips, events, etc. So if you are ever interested in doing something fun and crazy, let me know!