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“Ya man”

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So I haven’t written much lately … I’m really bad at keeping a blog! I prefer traveling than spending an hour keeping up a blog … specially when I have to pay for it. But I know that later on I will regret it. I remember reading somewhere that humans only remember 10% of their everyday, it might be less!!! So I’ll try and keep a blog, if not, at least a notebook. The picture I posted here is of bad quality … I’m taking pics of 5Megapixels and I reduce them to put them online.

Anyways, people in Nassau are GREAT! They are so helpful with everything! Today Sara and I got stuck in the southwest of the island (New Providence) with the moped we rented. The belt broke and we were in the middle of no where… around 5 people stopped to ask if we were O.K. A Texaco trailer stopped almost causing an accident with a huge tank of gas! But everything was ok and we survived….

One of the people that stopped was nice to let us use her cellphone and call the moped company. They later came (after an hour) and exchanged mopeds with us. We continued our journey of looking for virgin beaches!

Before the moped incident we went to the Bacardi factory here in Nassau where we had an open bar (unfortunately for me I was driving!) and a tour of the facility. I got to try proof 157 rum! It was really gooood! And they have this liquor called Nassau Royal made with a tint of vanilla! It is soooooo goood on the rocks! They also mix it with a drink called Bahama Mama – fruit punch, nassau royal, rum and something else i forgot!

Something else that is a must see (or do) is to go to the market place under the bridge to paradaise island where you can have conch fritters and conch salad with a local beer. That reminds me…. I need to take a picture of a conch before i leave!

Also, one must swim in Jaws beach and love beach. And, for the next trip to the bahamas, I want to go to the Family Islands here! Apperently, a lot better than Nassau!

overall, nassau is a great people place, but not a lot of beaches! but people, wow. super respectful, friendly, and open. when we asked if we could do X, all they would say would be ‘ya man … just make sure to stay on the left hand side!’.

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