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More on the personal note …

Al fin! Another chapter in my life has been written … Berkeley no more…at least not for a while. So I finally turned in my report and presented my MS project this past Monday. It wasn’t bad at all, I was given very good feedback and some good questions were asked. I hope to publish part of the thesis, hopefully it all works out.

It was interesting how fast time goes by … five years ago I was waiting anxiously the day I would receive Berkeley’s decision to accept me, and now, I am off … to see the world (or part of it) and move to the other coast …

Who knows why people do it, move from coast to coast .. I met a bunch of people in California that were born in New York and moved to the west coast (better weather they say)… I say … better people (just kidding). Then some people, like myself, move to the east coast … for what? Better snow? Not really, I don’t even like the snow. I say a different experience, an opening of mind, or just want to try something different. But how different is it? Aren’t all humans the same? I guess not. Bigger buildings? Longer party hours? Better metro system? More coffee shops?

I haven’t really found out the reason why I’m moving to NYC, I never really thought of it. I’ve been there four times now and I always enjoy it, but I enjoyed Europe a lot …. I’m not moving there. So why NYC, what is it about the big apple that pulls me to it? The melting pot? The ‘big’ opportunities? What ‘big’ opportunities?

I think it has to do with the opportunity of experiencing something different. After traveling to Europe and Mexico the summers of 2002 and 2003, I realized that there is so much more to experience outside my bubble of Diamond Bar, Berkeley, Guatemala, and LA. The travel bug hadn’t hit me, and I was content of just chilling in the west coast. Then the desire to live outside of California hit me, once I saw how different it was. (I just contradicted myself, it’s ok, it is just a blog, not a final essay). I think that is the reason, difference. Yet, is experiencing difference a good thing? …. I’m pondering too much, I should stop.

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