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My favorite picture!

Tuesday, May 31st, 2005

I realized long time ago I suck at keeping up with a diary or blog. Oh well. Why dwell? One thing I find funny about traveling for so long is that one looses contact with almost everyone. I check my email and I have none except from my mother. You would think I would have from my girlfriend, but she’s traveling with me. I expect one from friends and all, but I guess it’s a two way process. Although I’ve taken initiative sometimes, but never get a response. 🙁
Oh well. I am also lazy in writting emails. I’ll try more….

Changing the subject, check this out…

Salvador 028.jpg

The picture that you see above was taken in Salvador, Brasil. I was hanging out with Sara and our new bahiano friend Jose. I took this picture when we were at Jose’s favorite spot in Salvador (I forgot the name!!!). This is the best picture I’ve taken so far (for my taste). There is a lot more (Machu Picchu, Foz de Iguacu, Lago Titicaca, Uros, Condor flights, beaches in the NE of Brasil, Colombian Jungle, tigre in Buenos Aires, etc, etc, etc) but this picture I love for some weird reason. I feel it is me in that fishing boat.
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