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“Ya man”

Wednesday, April 6th, 2005

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So I haven’t written much lately … I’m really bad at keeping a blog! I prefer traveling than spending an hour keeping up a blog … specially when I have to pay for it. But I know that later on I will regret it. I remember reading somewhere that humans only remember 10% of their everyday, it might be less!!! So I’ll try and keep a blog, if not, at least a notebook. The picture I posted here is of bad quality … I’m taking pics of 5Megapixels and I reduce them to put them online.

Anyways, people in Nassau are GREAT! They are so helpful with everything! Today Sara and I got stuck in the southwest of the island (New Providence) with the moped we rented. The belt broke and we were in the middle of no where… around 5 people stopped to ask if we were O.K. A Texaco trailer stopped almost causing an accident with a huge tank of gas! But everything was ok and we survived….
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