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So right now is 1:03 am on Saturday March 19th, 2005. I have my Masters project presentation schedule for Monday 21st at 10 am. I am about to finish my report (or at least the first draft) tonight. Right now, some simulations are running that take forever! But after that, if the results are right, I can just plug them into my almost done report and voila! Masters report a la Gonzalez. Then I have to prepare my presentation slides, which I hope do not take long since I have a lot of equations to write. 🙁
But anyway, now that I have a clearer idea as to what’s going to happen, I can finally start planning my trip….

So Sara and I decided that our first stop on our trip is going to be South America, we are still trying to decide between going to Caracas or not. The plan is to go to Miami, then fly to either Bogota or Caracas, and then visit Colombia for a good 2 weeks or so, then travel south to Peru, Argentina and Brazil. After 2.25 months, we plan to come back to the states and I plan to go to NYC to look for a place to live, she might go to Iran and visit her family. For sure though, we are going to S. America. Since I have no time right now to search for tickets, Sara has taken the extreme difficult task to find a cheap special like the ones we had found before. I hope it doesn’t take her long, I can’t wait to buy the ticket!

So I’m still waiting for my simulation to finish…..

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