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My favorite picture!

I realized long time ago I suck at keeping up with a diary or blog. Oh well. Why dwell? One thing I find funny about traveling for so long is that one looses contact with almost everyone. I check my email and I have none except from my mother. You would think I would have from my girlfriend, but she’s traveling with me. I expect one from friends and all, but I guess it’s a two way process. Although I’ve taken initiative sometimes, but never get a response. 🙁
Oh well. I am also lazy in writting emails. I’ll try more….

Changing the subject, check this out…

Salvador 028.jpg

The picture that you see above was taken in Salvador, Brasil. I was hanging out with Sara and our new bahiano friend Jose. I took this picture when we were at Jose’s favorite spot in Salvador (I forgot the name!!!). This is the best picture I’ve taken so far (for my taste). There is a lot more (Machu Picchu, Foz de Iguacu, Lago Titicaca, Uros, Condor flights, beaches in the NE of Brasil, Colombian Jungle, tigre in Buenos Aires, etc, etc, etc) but this picture I love for some weird reason. I feel it is me in that fishing boat.

We met Jose through the wonderful organization Servas. Sara and I spent 6 wonderful days with him going to a bunch of different places. During the weekend he was very nice and took us to Praia de Forte. We ate great food and had countless of wonderful conversations. He says that if anyone wants to go to Salvador, to send them his way!

Salvador has a lot to offer and has wonderful people to meet. Not only that, but Salvador is a city that mantains its African roots at its best! I hear Carnaval is a party that must not be missed, but unfortunately for us, that Carnaval only happens in February. 🙁

Sara and I were in Salvador May 12 to 16, today is May 31st. Shows you how bad I am in keeping up with a blog. At the moment I’m in Pereira, Colombia. What a wonderful country Colombia. You’ll have to wait for my next entry. 🙂

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