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Bio For All Time

Saturday, January 1st, 2005

I was reading the Bio post I wrote 2 years ago and it does say a lot about me, but things have changed. Hence I want to create a post with a Bio that doesn’t change.

I’m a person who loves to travel. Every opportunity I get, I’m on a plane, train, car, or bike to go somewhere new; to experience different foods, cultures, languages, buildings, etc. I thrive in change of environment because it helps me learn. I also love freedom, freedom to choose what to do today and where to visit. This leads me to the type of traveling I like. I love month long trips or more. I don’t mind the 1 week trips, but to really travel, one needs to travel for a month or longer to experience the freedom.

My career: that changes from time to time. Sometimes I’m a student, sometimes a consultant, some times an engineer. As you can tell, I have my priorities straight. 🙂

I love to plan trips, events, etc. So if you are ever interested in doing something fun and crazy, let me know!