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Trip Statistics

For those interested in such things, I have decided to write a page with some statistics about my trip. Hopefully some will be useful to someone and some will probably just be odd but here they are anyway.

 1. Trip Costs: Prices in US dollars. Sorry for the bad formatting of the trip cost portion. I made a table and could never get it to line up correctly. No matter what I do it keeps going back to what is below. If anyone is interested I can send them a nice table that I made that also has the infomation.

Airline Tickets
Easter Island through Hong Kong 4300
India to Bangkok 278
Bangkok to Egypt 566
Egypt to Paris 355.9
Paris to Copenhagen 111.62
Reykjavik to Minneapolis 381.6
Minneapolis to Indianapolis 94
Total 6087.12

Ship Costs
Denmark to Iceland 234

Country Specific Costs (three numbers: 1st is # of days, 2nd is cost per day, 3rd is total spent in the country)
Easter Island  7  52  364
San Fransisco 8  21  168
Fiji 12  36  432
Cook Islands 10  53.5  535
New Zealand 59  59  3481
Australia 59  75  4425
China 57  44  2508
Nepal 53  26.5  1404.5
India 31  19  589
Thailand 23  23.7  545.1
Cambodia 24  24.25  582
Laos 35  19  665
Egypt 17  96.5  1640.5
Paris 7  24.54  171.78
Denmark 5  59  295
Faroe Islands 9  64.45   580.05
Iceland 11  121  1331
Minneapolis 1  104  104
Total 19820.93

Other Costs
Health Insurance 810
Trip Gear 1000
Total 1810

Grand Total 27,952.05

2. Other Useless Trivia

Items Lost or Broken: 1 wallet, 8 sunglasses, 2 Nalgene water bottles, 3 towels, 3 headlamps

Cheapest Hotel Room: $0.25 Annapurna Circuit Nepal

Most Expensive Hotel Room (not including Minneapolis): $52 Gjogv, Faroe Islands

Cheapest Hair Cut: $0.50 Varanasi, India

Most Expensive Hair Cut: $15 New Zealand

Cheapest Shave: $0.66 Pokhara, Nepal

Total Extortion Money Paid: $0.83 to the Maoist Communist Group in Nepal

Bribe Paid: $1.00 to the Laos Border officials at the Laos/Cambodia border

Most Expensive Scam: $5 lost in Mumbai at the baby graveyard/crematorium

Child Molestors Encountered: 1 Varanasi, India

Long Term Travel Companions (> 3 days and not on package tours): 12

Hangovers: 2

Longest Walk: 190+ miles over 23 days on the Annapurna Circuit and Sanctuary

Blog Words Misspelled: Countless, Proofreading was low on my priority list as I was paying by the minute.

Highest Point Reached: 5416 meters on the Annapurna Circuit

Lowest Point Reached: Sea Level (not very exciting I know)

Cross Dressers Encountered: American 1, Thai 3

Modes of Transportation Used: Ship, Plane, Car, Helicopter, Train and Train roof, Bus and Bus roof, Camel, Camel Cart, Tibetan Horse, Flippers, Raft, Kayak, Things with wheels that went tuk tuk

 Liquidy Gastrointestinal Distress: twice

Blog Readership to date: 77500+ hits, 11100 unique hits (non repeats)

 I hope someone found something useful in here.

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8 Responses to “Trip Statistics”

  1. Tony Garren Says:

    Welcome back Barry, What the heck am I going to do on Monday mornings now? I think you should spend six months in Central/South America just so I can read about it! If you need a job e-mail me.

  2. Posted from United States United States
  3. Gashwin Says:

    Wow you’re back in the US of A. You should do a follow up post on how it feels to be back in Amurica. Best wishes with the next chapter.

  4. Michelle Says:

    I enjoyed the stats. Fun!

  5. Posted from United States United States
  6. Pamela Says:

    I may steal your Stat idea for my blog! Interesting idea…

  7. Posted from Canada Canada
  8. Chris Says:

    Great stats, hopefully this blog stays up. Also, thanks for the help on Australia and New Zealand last year. Welcome home.

  9. G Says:

    Hi there,

    I’d love to see your table of stats and talk to you about your trip! Please email me at when you get a chance!!!

  10. Posted from United States United States
  11. JR Says:

    hey if you wouldnt mind sending me your awesome chart as i want to setup side by side with mine. jrdabon (@) gmail

  12. Bethany Says:

    Thanks for sharing! Would love to take a look at your chart…

    bethany dot rydmark at gmail dot com


  13. Posted from United States United States

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