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Last Update for a few days again

Tomorrow I leave for an 11-day rafting/kayaking/camping trip on the Karnali River. My diahrrea is gone. I am still not 100% yet, but I am going to take a chance. I was originally going to go on November 12th and go back to Kathmandu to get my India visa while I waited. This date is not so certain, though, so I am going on an earlier one. Instead of going straight into India from West Nepal, I will probably now cross the border in East Nepal like I orginally planned. I will again not be able to update the blog until I get back. I will leave you these two mind expanding topics to consider during my absence.

1. By far the most popular music in shops and TV is Hindi Pop, yet every Nepali cell phone appears to have Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” for the ringtone. Why?

2. In Kathmandu Thamel one gets bothered by all sorts of salesmen for things like pashminas, hashish, knives, etc. The Pokhara tourist area is different. The only people calling out to me are barbers who want to shave me all the time (my face that is) even though all the other shops exist. Why?

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  1. Joe Coury Says:

    Welcome back Barry! I was having Barry’s Blog withdrawal symptoms there for awhile!

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  3. Preeti Says:

    Pondering the meaning of life…

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