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too much time at Oktoberfest

I think 4 days was probably enough as I didn’t end up sleeping hardly at all for the whole time in Munich and now am sick and exhausted! but it was fun, did walk a little bit around Munich one day and it is a beautiful city, some really amazing churches and things. The last 2 days of Oktoberfest were similar to the first 2, dancing and singing along with the band, buying up on pretzels and all sorts of yummy food. I had to move hostels on the last night and stayed a quite a nice place where I went down to the tents with a cool Brazilian guy. The last night just as we were leaving the grounds it started pouring down with rain! Was with a couple of Aussies so we had to run back to the hostel and got compleately soaked…not cool and it was freezing! I looked like such a wreck when arrived back the staff gave me a free drink! But is was great, meet some really cool people and had a lot of fun, also actually meet Germans which doesn’t often happen when your travelling as normaly I only meet other travellers. So it was cool to hang out with some awesome Germans who tried to teach me all the words to the crazy songs (so they’re not just saying ┬┤laaaalaaaalaaa blahh blah`), looking forward to getting back another year!

The day after it was all over I headed out to this big castle called Neuschwanstein built by some crazy king a few hundred years ago, apparently the Disney castle was based on it but I’ve heard that said about lots of places. Spent the day with a cool American who I meet and we went for a nice big walk up to the castle and then all the way back to the village to get the train because the bus wasn’t coming for ages. Beautiful area…all these hills and lakes, very German/Alpine looking with little houses that look like gingerbread. On the was back to the village we saw cows that actually had cow bells! I couldn’t believe it! It was so awesome, I even took a photo!

after the day out at the castle I jumped on a late train into Salzburg, Austria the home of the Sound of Music to get a good dose of cheese…..


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