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behind the iron curtain

For some reason I had this idea that once I got to Eastern Europe everything would be better, because i was feeling a bit over Europe and just wanted to get into India, but actually Ive had a great week since I got out of the euro countries and into the post communist world of easten europe. Its funny because you hear all these stories that its all dangerous over this side etc etc but to be honest I feel safer in most of these cities than Italy and its all much cleaner and nicer, I guess I haven’t been seeing too much of the countries but still…

anway Bratislava is in Slovakia, a bit of a random stopver on the way to Hungary, only an hour from Vienna so why not? Hostel seemed pretty cool and arrived early enough to have a walk around town, pretty small had a nice old town area with lots of little cafes and shops. All very ‘nice’, did have to best hot chocolate in the world then headed to a Art Gallery where I think I was the only person there. A bit strange as there is soooo many staff that all kind of followed me the whole time but it was cool. A cool photography exhibition about rural Czech and some funky modern stuff. Found a supermarket on the way home and brought a bit of stuf for tea and headed back to the hostel. Got talking to a group of guys from my bunkroom (I think I was the only female in the hostel) and the 6 of us ended up forming a bit of a tight group over the next couple of days and they even conviced me to stay another night! So Bratislava ended up being a lot more fun than i thought!
3 super cool aussies (yeah they do exist sometimes) a lovely Canadien and this crazy American who is in the military and jumps out of planes to rescue people in Iraq….totally insane stories. So the first night we hung out at the hostel for a bit then headed out to try find something to do on a Sunday night in a very quiet town. Ended up at some cool bars and made friends with crazy Slovakian guys then followed some chicks to a club that had a slide! Not too many people there but still had a good night. Next day just slept in and wandered around a bit aimlessly, had some food, hung out by the mighty Danube river, but was fun, always is with a good group of people. On the way home we stopped and brought food to make a massive dinner for that night so back at the hostel we cooked up an awesome dinner with pasta, chicken compleate with a ful set table, wine and candles. it was super cool! one of the best hostel dinners Ive had. After that we headed out again to a very local type pub where this guy was playing cool Slovakian songs on his guitar! Played cards, drunk stupidly cheap beer until we got kicked out. Went to a few other places and meet some randoms. All in all another fun night…but again not much sleep. The next moring we were all heading off in seperat directions so after procastinating about leaving cause I was too lazy I eventually went off to catch the train to Budapest. So randomly fun time in Bratislava!

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