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Europe…for more than one day this time

Its been a few days since my last post and we┬┤ve crossed over into Spain, into a clean country where stuff works, its kind of nice but soooo expensive. We left Chefchaouen and went to Tangier for one night. It was just a busy dirty town which seems to exist for people in transit. Had dinner which ended up being crazy expensive and not actually getting what we wanted, I know I dont speak much french but seriously this guy was not so smart, so we ended up with a whole lot of red meat which only Sarita eats, not so great. The next morning it was a early start on the ferry back over to Spain. These all these different ferries, some 1 hour, some 35 minutes and some 2 and 1/2. We somehow ended up on the long one despite the 35 minute one leaving at the same time. Not sure how that worked but we had the whole luxury ferry to ourselves for a few hours.

Arriving in Spain it was straight on a 2 hour bus to Seville, where we would spend the next 2 nights, such clean buses!
Seville was beautiful, amazing building, parks, cafes, little streets. And soooo hot, like 30 degrees at 8pm and it stayed light till about 9.30 so it was kind of weird. When we arrived a random guy came up and said he had 12 euro rooms, which was much cheaper than all the hostels so we followed him 5 mins down the road and ended up at the little rooms up in this building over looking a huge park, we got a room with a double bed and a room with 2 bunks for 12 euros each and our own sinks and showers which was pretty good and within walking distance to everything. Had nice dinner with an angry waitress and went to a bar to see some flamenco, Seville is the flamenco capital of Spain. The next day was super touristy on one of those hop on hop off city tour buses. Seville had some huge expo thing ages ago and its full of hundreds of churches, gardens, palaces and all these big Pavillions for each country. Its really pretty, everywhere is pretty, all the buildings are pretty. We tried to actually hop off the tour bus unlike the rest of bus who just sat on it the wholle time but we didnt really get off anywhere exciting so just hop back on. It was sooooo hot, so so so hot. Unfortunately not near a beach yet…Anyway after our bus tour we went to see the bull fighting ring (Seville is also the bull fighting capital of Spain) unfortunately the bull fights were only on Sundays, I really wanted to go see one, they seem pretty horrible but still be good to see. But we did a tour of the ring and the little museum which was still pretty interesting. and afterwards im not sure I could handle watching a fight! Spent the afternoon lying in the park eating cheese sanwhiches.

That night the guy from where we were staying convinced us to go to the flamenco show, which is put on for tourists. The tickets were originally 32 euros when we first arrived, then he said me and sarita could get a discount, then later on it was 2 for one then at the last minute when we were still saying no it was 12 euros. So we ended up going. Good to go see, beautiful dresses, cool music but very touristy, glad we only payed 12 euros for it! This morning we had a look around the big cathedral and then caught a bus to Grananda where we are now, mums feeling a bit sick which is not so good. Staying at a good hostel with free internet, cheap food and a kitchen. Well be here for a couple of nights before going to find a beach! Been in touch with the insurance company so hopefully will be able to buy a new camera soon, just got to do all the paper work…


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