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and then there was one

Well I’m back to being by myself again as Mum and Sarita flew out on their stupidly cheap easyjet flight to London this morning. A wee bit sad but should meet up with them for at least a day in Paris. So it’s back to being a solo traveller, onto a VERY strict budget and back to dorm rooms. We had a couple more relaxing days at Una’s, Sarita got to do lots more horse stuff which was good for her and everyone continued to laugh at me because I’m a little bit freaked out by the giant horses that follow you around all the time! Went back into Barcelona with Sarita for another day. Did the shopping thing because Sarita was dying to buy more clothes. Had a very nice lunch at a Vegetarian place with yummy soup and Indian curry, mmmm so good. Also walked around the gothic area a bit and right down the end of La Rambles, a touristy big wide pedistrian street. It has those people statues every few metres down the whole street. Its very odd.

And I brought another digital camera, so now I’m all back on for taking millions of photos, it was actually kind of good not having my digital for awhile because I probably took about half as many photos. We did a bit of a splash out on dinner and went to a very nice tapas restaurant (tapas is what everyone eats in Spain, just little plates of food that you share with people). The food was fantastic, we had deep fryed camembert, roasted vegetables, chicken skewers….yum, then them most amazing desert, chcocalte cake stuff with thick chocolate cause and ice cream with olive oil and salt, sound weird but really really good. basically that day was a very good food day. But no more of that now Mum has gone!

So now I’m in Barcelona again, went with mum to the airport this morning and am back here in a hostel, originally only booked in for one night and decided to stay an extra night but its become all booked out in the last couple of hours!! So now I can’t decide whether to find another hostel or just move on tomorrow. Will decide at the last minute tomorrow I guess! Will be in France by the end of the week and the job thing is looking a bit more promising and could have a nannying job in Paris for a few weeks!

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  1. Kate says:

    Hey Arnika,

    Sounds like you are having a great time! Ohh your so lucky to be on the otherside of the world. It is cold and miserable here! Winter is so horrible and we are only in May! Jo says hi and that she is gonna email you and she hopes you are having a great time.
    Anyway stay safe!
    Luv Kate and Jo

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