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Snow in Bariloche!

After another good night at the hostel with the great group of people there, I woke up the next morning, looked out the window and it was snowing. At first I wasn’t surprised since that was the forecast, but while eating breakfast I looked at my watch and thought, hang on a minute, it’s July 21st, and it’s snowing. I guess I’ve been in the Southern hemisphere for so much of the last year that it took a while for me to realize that this weather now is strange for me…
Anyway, with the weather snowing one minute and clearing off the next it wasn’t a day for hiking or any outdoor activities. For most of the day I just chilled with everyone else at the hostel, when the snow got heavy at one point around midday we had some photo moments outside on the patio…

hammock in the snow

Later in the afternoon I ventured out into town, to check out the cathedral and chocolate shops. After taking some pictures of the cathedral and buying a few chocolates I walked up the hill that Bariloche is built on for a view of the mountains behind the town, which are no less impressive than the mountains in the other directions. Everything looks so great after a fresh coating of snow anyway.


snow clouds across the lake

After seeing that I headed back down into town, to the lake shore and when I got there, a large dark cloud was covering the lake at the Eastern edge. It looked pretty wild so I took some photos, then started walking the 10 minute walk back to the hostel. Before I got back there it was snowing, and that cloud had covered half the lake, started to break up and made for awesome cloud formations through the sunset. Looking out the hostel window was like watching tv, every few minutes a different wild view across the lake, awesome stuff.

snow clouds across the lake

snow clouds across the lake

snow clouds across the lake

snow clouds across the lake at sunset

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