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Last days in LA

Saturday we drove to Santa Monica, via more crazy amounts of mazy freeways.  Walked around the famous 100 year old pier and some of the city itself.  The pier is really cool…

entry to the pier

Santa Monica pier

Santa Monica pier

Santa Monica beach

Lots of different kinds of street performers around the 3rd street promenade.  Nice area, full of people but not too busy.

3rd st promenade

After lunch we drove North up the coast into Malibu, home of lots of rich people.  It’s not hard to see why they live there, near the ocean, lined with beaches.  Houses are beachfront or perched on the hills inland.  The beaches aren’t private though, plenty of public access points.  Chilled at the beach for a while….


entrance to the rich homes...

beachfront houses

a beach in malibu

beachfront houses

a beach in malibu

Didn’t do much my last day here, just checked out an orange grove, since I was in Orange County.  Though now they aren’t too easy to find as urban development keeps spreading.  I picked an orange off the tree, ate it later on and I’ll tell you right now…fresh is best.


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