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San Diego, well, nearby anyway…

Woke up to actual sunshine my last morning in San Francisco, just in time to fly away to San Diego (where there is plenty more sunshine).  Before leaving I got a great breakfast at a great hole in the wall cafe in the city with my cs host.  One of the many benefits of couchsurfing.  My flight was an hour late due to fog earlier in the morning backing up everything at the airport.  After all the long haul flights I’ve taken it was really weird to be on a plane that not only is within the same country but within the same state.

I didn’t manage to get a couch in San Diego itself, I ended up in Oceanside instead.  The downside was it’s 30 miles up the coast, the upside was that it was closer to one of the best micro breweries in the country.  It was there that I spent the next day, free tour, free tastings, one thing leads to another and the next thing you know it’s 5:00 already…  Just enough time to make it back to Oceanside beach for sunset.

line 'em up


My plans changed a bit the next day, was originally going to stay in San Diego for another night but since I was  not actually in San Diego I decided to go to Los Angeles instead.  It was my intention to spend most of the day in San Diego and get a train to LA in the evening but due to the bad scheduling of the public transit in the area I didn’t get to SD until noon.

Sante Fe central station

I ended up spending most of the afternoon walking around the downtown “gaslamp” district with my backpack on.  Full of restaurants, shops and bars and some attractive older buildings.  Good thing I didn’t stay down here or I would’ve been spending too much money…

'gaslamp district'

'gaslamp district'

The one detour I made from the centre was to the docks, where they have a decommissioned aircraft carrier, the USS Midway sitting there as a museum.  The admission fee was outrageous unfortunately other wise I would’ve spent the whole afternoon looking at the planes on it and walking around it.

USS Midway

As I’m writing this I’m on an Amtrak train heading to LA, my last real travel destination on the trip.  Shame, I haven’t even been gone for quite 14 months yet…

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