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The end of the trip

As I’m writing this, it’s my last night here in the OC.  Tomorrow I’m flying to Arizona to visit some family before heading back to Iowa.  I don’t think it’s really hit me yet that this is my last stop on the trip.  It’s surreal, so strange to think about having a “normal” schedule or being in the same place for a length of time.  I’ve been on the road for so long now that it’s 2nd nature to me, largely requiring no extra thought that you would have driving to the supermarket.   When I go through airports now it’s as normal to me know as going to the movies once was.  Seriously.

At least if this has to end, I have some goals to go forward with.  I don’t like the term going back in this case, because there is no going back.  This trip has changed my outlook on many things and that’s a good thing.  It’s also changed me in a range of ways that I’m sure I don’t even fully notice and will be informed of by those who haven’t seen me for a year.

My goals are, for reference purposes (I’m writing this for me as much as anyone else), aside from getting a job initially (for obvious reasons) are to finish off the songs I’ve half written on the trip, write more, record a lot and preform a lot more.  That will fill up a large chunk of the time I wont be working, which is good because when I’m busy I don’t think about being in Iowa as much.  Other than that I’ve got ideas about some classes I may be taking in the Spring and all the time working towards a milestone, I’ll be saving money to move away, I don’t know where to yet, just somewhere out of Iowa.  Specifically where I go first isn’t the most important thing, since a major one of my reasons to move is I want to live somewhere new and interesting to me, to experience it.  I have no aspirations to move somewhere and live there for the rest of my life, settling down long term does not interest me in the slightest.

One last thing, I’ll be on another travel adventure soon enough.  I don’t know where my next trip will be to, I’ve got ideas of trips on 5 different continents, and it probably wont for a while but it will be coming.  I’m trying out for travel buddy too, female, 20’s, similar interests, talk to me ;)  One thing’s for sure, I’ll be on the road again whenever I can be.
I hope everyone who has been reading this has enjoyed it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.  Signing off for now with a before and after…

Day 1 of trip:
me day 1 of trip

Day 402 of trip (today)
me in an Orange grove

Watch this space for more.

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2 responses to “The end of the trip”

  1. Pla says:

    ANOTHER trip? Mr. Wesley, you are something else.

    You MUST go to New York next time. In fact, when you do go to New York, you let me know and I’ll come up and show you around, haha. It’s my second best known city!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I liked your blog title more “Breakfast In Buenos Aires, Dinner in Machu Picchu”. I still remember how was I feeling at my last day in Buenos Aires!! I was feeling like I will be going to miss something but at last, I found everything normal :)

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