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Beaches of Orange county

I had no wheels for day 2, so I decided to check out some of the beaches in orange county since I was staying there, something reasonably possible by bus.  Possible but very time consuming, I had a good day at the beach, but half of the day was spent on buses or waiting for a bus.  This is basically because of the sheer sprawl here and the bus frequency, 1 per hour on most routes.  At $4 for a day pass though I can’t say I got ripped off.

First place I went was Huntington beach, known for it’s surfing.  Very large beach with plenty of waves, but not much activity in any sense.  Friday afternoon not being a peak time at the beach, something about people having jobs I guess?  I don’t know though, in Oz there would’ve been more people on the beach.

Huntington beach

I didn’t hang around long there, lack of anything to do mainly.  I headed a couple beaches South, to Crystal Cove state park.  I had no idea that there were any “natural” beaches this close to LA, figured they’d all been developed!  Crystal cove also had hardly anyone on it, but it was far more scenic.  Cliffs behind the beach and loads of rock pools on the beach.

crystal cove

crystal cove

I ended up spending several hours combing through the rock pools with a like minded girl I met down there, crab chasing and the like.  Crabs, anemones and sea snails and some fish were mostly what was around, don’t think I’d ever seen sea snails like this before.

rock pools @ crystal cove


sea hare

rock pools @ crystal cove

After the pools had thoroughly been delved through we found a small gap in the rocks at the far end of the beach to jump in the ocean and cool off, briefly due to the amount of seaweed in the water.  Much cooler than the Atlantic last week in Miami, not cold (if I wanted that I’d have gone swimming in San Francisco) but it’s actually refreshing here.  Less refreshing was the nearly 3 hours spent going 25 miles on buses to get back…

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