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Daily Thoughts

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

It’s been a few days since I have written an entry…things have been rough…finals week was crazy, then going home, and then my mom and I drove to Maryland to pick up my sister from New York.  Well now I have had some time to reflect and come up with some more ideas for the blog.

One thing that bothers me is when people hassle you when you are waiting for a parking spot.  This happened to me one time recently where I was at school, it was a one lane road in each direction, and spots don’t come easy.  It’s either you fight for a spot or you pay 4-9 dollars to park for the day.  Now I only needed the spot for ten minutes to run in to the bank and get some quarters for my laundry.  So I’m driving around and around trying to find a spot anywhere in the ballpark of the bank, and finally after three or four times making the loop, I find one.  So I flip on my left blinker and I wait for the car to back out.  Now the main point of my entry is how long is too long to wait for a car to back out of a spot before you say “forget it,” and just move on?  I mean I guess it depends on the situation, for my situation this street is a one lane in each direction, so I knew there were cars behind me probably pissed off about me waiting and waiting for the spot.  I say in that situation where traffic can build up, five minutes is the max.  After five minutes you throw the car in drive, bite the bullet and move on.  For me I waited and waited and waited, looked a few times in the rear view mirror, saw the driver behind me giving me the look, and then eventually had to move on as the car refused to back out.  I had no idea what the hell the driver was doing, but he/she wasn’t backing out anytime soon.

That also drives me nuts.  If you get in the car to leave a spot, you can’t fiddle around with your things, you must back out of the spot and take care of whatever needs to be done in the car when you get to your next destination.  Please when you are getting in to your car in a place where spots are highly touted and hard to find, get in your car and get out and make it easier on everyone else.

Those are my daily thoughts for today.

Daily Thoughts

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

Speaking of flatulence, as I did in my previous entry, today’s daily thought is a retrospective look at what happened to me only yesterday. It really bothered me, so I figured I would make it my next entry since it was “fresh” in my mind.

The scenario was this;  I was downstairs in the basement of MSU Hillel studying like usual, in their really quiet TV room. I had been there for multiple hours, when suddenly a group of girls come in to the room. Now I don’t mind an occasional interruption to give me a break, but this was ridiculous. So you’re thinking to yourself “well that isn’t so bad.” Well you are right, but here is the kicker. As one of them were leaving, completely busting my balls for all five minutes she was in the room (like I needed that with two more incredibly hard finals coming up), the girl exclaims “uckkkk it smells like fart in here,” leaves, closes the door, and then you begin to smell fart. Not just a little squeaker, I mean she might have wanted to check her underwear on that one. While I didn’t hear it, I bet she felt a little uncomfortable the rest of the night after that one. It stunk. The bothersome part of it all was that I was being blamed for farting in front of several other people knowing wholeheartedly that I hadn’t farted like that since the late ’90s when I had those burritos at “south of the border”…come on people, that is awful. They came, the saw, and one of them farted like hell.

Daily Thoughts

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006
**ALERT** THIS ENTRY IS NOT ABOUT AWKWARD BATHROOM MOMENTS... Today's daily thoughts are based around elevators.  I personally don't like them, never have, never will.  I have had a fear of elevators pretty much as long as I can remember.  Got ... [Continue reading this entry]

Daily Thoughts

Monday, December 11th, 2006
Well normally when I'm about to write an entry I go through one of my many idea's that I have jotted down in a word file, and then go from there, but today I didn't have too. Instead I ... [Continue reading this entry]

Daily Thoughts

Sunday, December 10th, 2006
Today's entry is bringing me back to old faithful, awkward bathroom situations.  OK so I'm biased and all of my bathroom situations revolve around being in the guys bathroom (at least the ones I can talk about in this blog). my ... [Continue reading this entry]

Daily Thoughts

Saturday, December 9th, 2006
How many of you have found yourself in a multiple door opening situation, whether you were the recipient of the kind gesture or the giver? Honestly, this one is tricky. I think about this every time I find ... [Continue reading this entry]

Daily thoughts

Friday, December 8th, 2006
today's daily thought brings me to the world of riding on a bus. I ride the bus almost every day during the week to class and back. I encounter many different types of people, a wide array of ... [Continue reading this entry]

daily thoughts

Thursday, December 7th, 2006
Is there an etiquette to how to use the restrooms for going number 2? When I go in to a restroom, and I have to go number 1, I really don't want to hear people grunting while in the ... [Continue reading this entry]