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Josh and Nicole’s Awesome Caribbean Adventure 2011: Day 3 Day At Sea

After going to bed fairly late the night before and knowing good well we had nothing to do today, I decided to sleep in. I think that it was a little later than Nicole had expected me to sleep and she was probably getting concerned with the fact that by 10AM I was still sleeping. While some people considering sleeping late to be 1, 2PM, for us, 10AM is really late. I’m up at 8AM every morning and Nicole is up at 610AM so getting up anytime between 730 and 830AM is considered sleeping in. 10AM for us is unheard-of. Be that as it may, I woke up groggy to Nicole stirring around like a dog that needed to be walked. She was probably hungry and wanting some breakfast. Unfortunately by 10AM we had missed the call to get breakfast in the main dining hall. Lucky for me, the buffet on the 9th deck was offering a breakfast for “late-risers” such as me. I thought this was perfect. Stroll out of bed, head to a nice buffet and enjoy the sunny day at sea.

My plan was immediately foiled once we stepped foot onto the 9th deck as the line for the buffet was down the block and around the corner. I guess I was not the only person out of the 3700 plus passengers to envision such a day as I had in mind. With Nicole’s hunger ever increasing and my frustration of standing in line waiting for food boiling over, I decided to get out of line and find another place serving breakfast. Nicole ended up finding the omelet station and I found a better buffet on the other end of the deck serving virtually the same food. Of course, just as we got our food and fought off others for seats, the line subsided and people were able to just stroll up and get food as they pleased.

After breakfast, we went back to the room to change, got our bathing suits on and decided to lay out. Unfortunately, after yesterday’s snorkeling and laying out all day at Coki Beach, Nicole and I were burnt. My back was absolutely roasted and she was pretty burnt on her shoulders, and her legs. It looked like she was wearing pink socks! I guess when she was applying her sun tan lotion throughout the day in her very cute, yet spastic ways she missed her ankles. My back was burnt from snorkeling and not putting enough lotion on my back. Man was the sun in St. Thomas strong and as we were now cruising several hundred miles south, I could only assume that the sun would get stronger and today was no exception.

Even though we were at sea and everyone was on the boat, the decks remained uncrowded. Maybe others were burnt as well or enjoying the cool air-conditioned areas inside the ship. One thing I can say for sure is that Carnival does not cheap out on the air-con. Man that casino was absolutely freezing last night and not just because I was burnt. At points throughout the night I was actually shivering it was so cold. I guess they want you awake and gambling!

Well anyway, Nicole and I found two nice lounges near the pools, lotioned up and enjoyed the warm sun in the Caribbean. A couple of frosty beverages and a drink of the day served in the shape of the Carnival Fin, it was time for some lunch. We opted to get lunch around the decks via the buffets and small eateries like the deli and grill shop. We had just ate and weren’t that hungry.

At around 4PM we had enough with the sun and decided to go back to the room and chill out. I changed and headed down to the casino while Nicole rested up in the room. After some misfortune the past two nights gambling it was time to turn my luck around. This time I decided to turn my luck to Roulette and it paid off. By the time Nicole came down to see how I was doing I was up enough to cover the last two nights of losses and then some. I was on a heater and there was no stopping me now. Eventually, I walked away up overall over the three days which was great considering the fact I was down quite a bit before.

I’d say the only other eventful part of the day was dinner. We arrived at dinner about 15 minutes early so we could speak to the Maître D in hopes of having our table switched to a table with 6 people, preferably two other couples. The Maître D obliged and granted our request and we were put at a table right next to the table we were at the night before. The table featured two couples; Judy and Joe, and the other couple (whose names I can’t remember). Judy and Joe were from Houston and the other couple currently lived in Connecticut but both of them individually had lived all over. The guy was a very mysterious dude. Often he would sit, twirling his moustache looking out in the distance, and then out of nowhere chime into the conversation with something completely ridiculous and/or unrelated. I mean we were talking about where we were all from and out of nowhere the guy goes “I was raised in France, came over here on a boat, I lived in Alaska for a while, Delaware, Texas, and now Connecticut.” The only thing French about him was the huge molely mole on his huge forehead. To be honest I’m not even sure what the guy did for a living. It was so hard to decipher what he was saying half the time and often it made no sense.

After dinner, it was back for a little more gambling and then to sleep. Tomorrow we were off to the beautiful island of Barbados!


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