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Brief Recap from July 25- through august 2nd

Friday, September 12th, 2008

July 26th – Today we had to get up super early since the four people who wanted to do a game drive through Chobe National Park had to be there before 1230pm. 7 hours its long…get to camp site late, people go to nature walk…we go to town, running late, need to get back for sunset cruise through chobe park, didnt bring booze, it was a nice time…back by 7pm and right to bar…big night, great dinner, dancing, hookers, etc…

july 27th -border crossing, 7/11 – 11 dollar can of coke, adventure center, too expensive, vic falls, didnt go in, traded soap shampoo etc for stone hippo, hostel for a few hours, booze cruise till sunset private, it was fun, back to hostel, i had my own drinks, drinks were expensive, through jb in pool, he chased after me, messed up my foot, couldn’t find harriet anywhere, hannah flipping out…girls go in pool again, nice pictures…

july 28th up next morning, eva gets thrown in pool but takes like 4 of them, decent breakfast, walk with eva and renee to markets, on the way ask a guy for direction who tells two women to take us around, one is called simpo, once we get to market, simpo takes me to the banks to change money, introduces us to a guy named “smart,” and tells me how to get to vic falls. i meet the gang, two+ hours it is fantastic, watch the bungy jump, then get food at mama africa i have elephant steak, it tastes bad and really expensive, zim is expensive…after that we head to the markets where i spend hours trading things like my rain jacket, carabena clips off my bag, bandaids and anything else I was willing to part with down to a lighter…it took a lot out of me I bought a ton of wood stuff it was so much fun, met some locals took some pictures…took taxi back from some random guy for 5 bucks, tried to tell me 10 buck it was crap…back to hostel, chilled out, watch football, went on internet nothing too exciting, the tour was officially over and some people had left us but most were leaving…oh and we got our t shirts they were great!

july 29th – vic falls – transit to campsite in botswana near border between SA and botswana…get their late at night and go right to bar…it was a cool bar, good music, i didnt drink that much but hung out with the gang. oh and the drive was over 15 hours on the truck

july 30th – campsite to joburg – this ride was about 8 hours we get to joburg pretty late in the afternoon. I stay at fly in lodge with sarah and linda…it was expensive but nice and the front desk lady was nuts…we end up paying 350 rand return to go to mufasa where everyone else was staying to visit…i had to stay at fly inn because my trip to kruger was picking me up…we had a great night, lots of birthday shots, pool, nice music, meet iain for the first time…

july 31st – joburg to kruger – i get picked up at 10am by a mini bus, meet laura and ian from canada who are teaching in Korea. the ride was about 8 hours including stops to our campsite…we do a sunset drive didn’t see much, at night we stayed at a campsite where I stayed in a tree house really high up…dinner was ok and i was super tired going to sleep really early after a few long days of driving…oh and the ride back from vic falls was 1500 kilometers so my total amount of kilometers around africa was over 8000 kilometers…

august 1st – Kruger – today we spent over 12 hours looking at animals, see lion and leopard really far away, saw other animals really close, stopped for lunch…came back in the evening, had dinner and again an early night

august 2nd -kruger to joburg – i decide to leave early and head back to joburg to mufasa where everyone was staying to see sarah, linda, hannah and harriet. I didn’t want to sit in the truck for another 12 hours, so i took the minibus back with this family from australia traveling around for 6 months with their kids as well as laura and ian. i get back to mufasa in joburg and surprise everyone, well i thought i was but the lady who took my reservation at mufasa told them i was coming…they were happy to see me nonetheless i was happy to see them…we had a south african dinner cooked by the girls, while iain and i enjoyed…we had a big night at the hostel, with lots of birthday shots, dancing, pool and it was a great night

august 3rd – joburg