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Link Travel Consulting Goes Up!

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Well I have taken my first step to starting my own travel consulting business.  My goal is to be more active with it after I get back to my trip.  I will be having a friend help create the website and make it look more official.  I have also submitted the website to google for the googlebots to pick it up and make it a searchable website.

Basically my goal is to help people plan their trips.  I know it sounds like a travel agency, but it is not.  It will be a full service, one stop shop firm where I will help people create a plan for their travels, based on goals the individual of the client i.e. what they want to see, do, and what their objectives are on their travels.

Since I have started traveling I have noticed many people who ask what to expect, where to go, what to see, how to get around, what visas do I need, etc and I figured that I would start a company which helps potential clients answer all these questions.  As I said based on some of those answers we would work to create a plan, and go from there.

This company will also have the capability to make flight arrangements, hostel and hotel arrangements, book tours, and possibly obtain visas (through a third-party company).

So check out my site when you get a chance, it is very bare, with just a name and mission statement, but nonetheless check it out!

if you are interested in a free consultation contact me at, I promise my fees will not be excessive and I can probably find you cheaper prices than you have searched yourself!



The Return of “My Daily Thoughts on Life”

Monday, March 17th, 2008

After a long hiatus my daily thoughts on life are back!  For those of you out there that go to school or work in a corporate environment with a floor bathroom will absolutely relate to this thought.

Anyone and everyone knows how crucial it is to time when you have to go number 2 at work or school.  At school you try to go during classes where traffic into and out of the bathrooms is signficantly reduced, except for the ocassional straggler that can’t hold it during class.  You try to go on an weird floor, in the basement or some handicapped bathroom which is like a suite in a hotel, so spacious and private.  For me my morning number 2 takes place at work three days a week.  I generally try for the early morning (I arrive at 830am) and hope that nobody has soiled that all important “first number 2 of the day.”  When I walk in to the bathroom and push open the stall I creep past the barrier and look to see, I pray and hope that the toilet seat is up.  See everyone knows that when the cleaning staff is done cleaning the bathrooms they always leave the seat up.  I think it might be the universal sign that “this toliet has officially been cleaned.”

To have the first number 2 of the day either at school or at work is important.  It provides that care and comfort that usually only my bathroom at home provides for me, when you know that the toilet is clean and ready to go.

So my daily thought of life is to get to the bathroom early in the morning or late in the afternoon (depending on when staff cleans them), to ensure you get the first number 2 of the day, this will provide the comfort and care we all look for in a toliet, and it is great to get to it before anyone else does!



My Spring Break Trip!

Saturday, March 8th, 2008
Before my mega summer trip I decided to wet the apetite and do a little traveling during my passover/spring break.  On April 18th, 2008 I will be flying direct to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific (HK's national airline and a ... [Continue reading this entry]