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My Spring Break Trip!

Before my mega summer trip I decided to wet the apetite and do a little traveling during my passover/spring break.  On April 18th, 2008 I will be flying direct to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific (HK’s national airline and a top 3 airline worldwide).  I arrive at approximately 205PM April 19th.  When I arrive in the airport I will have approximately 2.5 before my connecting flight leaves from Beijing, China!  I will be going to Beijing with my friend Raymond.  For those of you who didn’t read my blog detailing my experience in Hong Kong, Raymond was one of my roommates at Deakin when I studied in Melbourne in 2004.  We have stayed in contact throughout the years and last year when I went to Asia I visited him and spent a lot of time in Hong Kong.

So we are taking Dragon Air (subsidiary of Cathay Pacific) to Beijing.  The flight takes 3 hours and it is direct.  The great part of the trip and reason why I am going to Beijing is that Raymond has a friend Benny who has a nice sized apartment in Beijing.  This will save us money on a hotel or hostel for 4 nights!  I am sleeping on a couch, but I am bringing some sleep enhancers if you know what I mean!

Also many of you are probably thinking to yourself “How the hell are you flying 15.5 hours direct to hong kong, getting off the plane and then another 3 hours to Beijing?”  Well the answer is simple, I am a seasoned traveler, and by doing it this way, I am maximizing my time in Beijing with Raymond.  Raymond has asked to take leave for a holiday to go with me, and instead of having Monday and Tuesday and coming back wednesday, now we will have a full day on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and half of Wednesday.  I will be jet lagged anyway, up early in the morning ready to go so it will be fine.  When I return to Hong Kong and wednesday I’ll relax check out some sights I haven’t seen yet, revisit a few (like victoria peak and the star ferry at night) and chill out…

The goal which I have to accomplish is to have my outlines done and already read over several times before I leave.  Starting April 5th all of my legal process crap is finished giving me about 2 weeks to complete my outlines.  I have started a few of them, and have to start from scratch on others, but over two weeks I should get it done.  I will probably dedicate an entire week to just doing outlines, study them the second week and so on.

So that is my Spring Break 2008 Trip!




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