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The New York Football Giants win Superbowl 42!

As a long time New York Giants fan, technically alive for all three Superbowl victories, 2008 will always be remembered by me, as the greatest sports victory these eyes have ever seen. In 1986 I was 3, so that didn’t count and in 1991, I fell asleep before “wide right” but do remember the Giants beating the 49ers in the NFC Championship game to make the dance.

But last night, as the cliche goes, on “any given sunday” my New York Football Giants pulled off the greatest upset in Superbowl history, football history and New York sports history. This game will be remembered with the likes of Broadway Joe and the Jets in Superbowl 3, Willis Reed walking into Madison Square Garden during the NBA Finals, and Mark Messier’s natural hat trick in game 6 of Eastern Conference Finals.

Other cities have had their day the past few years, but Sunday night showed the world why New York is the greatest sports city of them all.

Giants Win!


2 responses to “The New York Football Giants win Superbowl 42!”

  1. McFly says:

    That was actually a natural hat trick by the “Messiah” in game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals. The game, and the accomplishment, is better know as the Guarantee: “We will win”.

    Clearly the #1 moment in professional sports.

    Nevertheless… 2008 Champs Baby! WOOOOOOHOOO!

  2. Derek says:

    Gotta love American hyperbole.

    Well done to the Giants. A great victory.

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