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Link Travel Consulting Goes Up!

Well I have taken my first step to starting my own travel consulting business.  My goal is to be more active with it after I get back to my trip.  I will be having a friend help create the website and make it look more official.  I have also submitted the website to google for the googlebots to pick it up and make it a searchable website.

Basically my goal is to help people plan their trips.  I know it sounds like a travel agency, but it is not.  It will be a full service, one stop shop firm where I will help people create a plan for their travels, based on goals the individual of the client i.e. what they want to see, do, and what their objectives are on their travels.

Since I have started traveling I have noticed many people who ask what to expect, where to go, what to see, how to get around, what visas do I need, etc and I figured that I would start a company which helps potential clients answer all these questions.  As I said based on some of those answers we would work to create a plan, and go from there.

This company will also have the capability to make flight arrangements, hostel and hotel arrangements, book tours, and possibly obtain visas (through a third-party company).

So check out my site when you get a chance, it is very bare, with just a name and mission statement, but nonetheless check it out!

if you are interested in a free consultation contact me at, I promise my fees will not be excessive and I can probably find you cheaper prices than you have searched yourself!




One response to “Link Travel Consulting Goes Up!”

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Josh/Eppyboy

    I’ve been planning on doing the same for the UK for a while so would love to hear how you get on. Will you be blogging about it here?


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