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Countdown continues

Well after my last trip to Beijing and Hong Kong, I have come home, recharged and am in the midst of making my final push towards my second year law school finals. I have a final next week and then three the following one. It will be stressful but then three days after my last final I am off to India to start my summer 2008 trip! Now most people say I’m stupid for going away instead of working and being part of the bullshit that goes along with law school and getting a job. I say to the hell with them. I do it on my own terms, have been doing so for the past twenty four years and it was worked for the most part, so why change now? I worked this semester, will work the next two semesters, I’m networking and feel like when I graduate something will happen.

Anyway the countdown to my trip continues and sits at 19 days till take off from today…


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