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May 19th, 2008 – Great Neck, New York

Well it is 1010PM the night before I leave.  My excitement is not the usual excitement I get before a big trip.  I am not sure if this has just become a run of the mill feeling and something not as special as before.  Even though every year I say this will be my last hurrah, besides smaller trips and maybe one post-bar next summer, this will be it for awhile.  But this trip will not only be for fun and pleasure like last summer.  During this trip I will be taking four classes through Touro Law Center, my law school.  This program is the only ABA approved India program in the country so it will bring guys and girls (mainly girls) from all law schools across the country.  I very much look forward to meeting them, getting to  know them all and seeing the differences between law schools from different parts of the countries.  Last I checked there were four guys and sixteen girls total on the program, not bad odds at all!

I am also hoping to keep this blog going daily as I did last year.  It will be challenging when I am in Africa, but for the first 6 or so weeks it should be pretty constant, so tune in to see what Josh is up to next!




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