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Impressions of China

I’ve already called Japan a country full of contrast and contradiction.  For a while, I was thinking the same thing about China.  After ninety-two days in the country, I can now realize that the contrast is almost exclusively in my feelings towards it.  There are many wonders of nature to astound, interesting cultural elements to mesmerize and delicious tastes to please the palate.  However, there is enough pollution, crude habits and oppressive government bureaucracy to negate all the good.  It is definitely an interesting place to visit, but it would be difficult to feel comfortable living in the very disagreeable sense of society.  I’m just as happy leaving as I am with the time spent there.

It is hard to pinpoint any more exact impressions of the country because it is far too vast to generalize.  I wish I could explain in less enigmatic terms, but it is not possible to summarize China so easily.  All I can do now is move on to different countries and hope for more clarity in their cultures. 

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2 responses to “Impressions of China”

  1. Colin says:

    the feelings you have given of china are agreeable, it is a strange and wonderful country… when you spend more time there than the average tourist and you blend in with the population – especially in the cooutryside, you begin to see how different and somewhat isolated the country really is…

    China is a beautiful country I for one keep returning as I am drawn to it. Your points illustrated above are very relevant.

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