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How did I get here?

How did I end up here? Coconut cookies and pineapple juice. Partaking in some local herbal consumption. Hawks flying past the shaded seat I’ve found, hovering on a Cliffside above Lake Phewa-Tal and the city of Pokhara. In the distance, the Annapurnan Himalayas peak out from behind an absolutely massive cloud-cover which still fails to conceal their majesty! I take my eyes from the vista to look down on the motorcycle helmet in front of me.

How did I end up here… I only wanted to stop in Kathmandu for a week before heading into India to meet some friends. The lure of seeing the incredible Annapurna Peaks was enough to get me to Pokhara, but instead of walking through the mountains, I am now twisting through their trails on a machine. The roads are extremely rough and makes the experience a fun challenge. As LP puts it best:

“Expect kids, chickens, ducks, women, old men, babies, cows, dogs and almost anything else that can move to jump in front of you at any moment, without any kind of warning. Good Luck!”

The only thing they failed to mention was the ubiquitous piles of dung! I’m glad to have the helmet, but the thrill of learning to ride here is enough motivation to give it my best effort! The added benefit of being able to independently speed over greater distances and to stop when and where I want to is a freedom I haven’t had the pleasure of traveling with before. It certainly trumps the bicycle for getting up these insanely rough mountain roads. I have seen more of the real Nepal in the last couple of days than I could have ever imagined. It has shed a new light on this country and brought me hopes to fulfill my dream of motorcycling across India.

see all of my photos from the World Peace Pagoda

After coming to these realizations, I leave the World Peace Pagoda and prepare for the downhill dirt obstacle course in front of me. The path down turns out to be an amazing lesson in how to recover from hazards and navigate rough roads. A drive through Pokhara, then out the other side on a highway towards Begnas-Tal. Half an hour of speed driving on the straight away and then more winding dirt tracks before I reach the lake. A short hike through a forest hill and I arrive at a small waterside clearing, just in time to see sun set on the Annapurnas! What a day!

see all of my photos from Begnas-Tal


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2 responses to “How did I get here?”

  1. Greg says:

    Herbal consumption….???

    I hope you arent talking about Oregano, Muahahaha!

    Sorry, the redbull buckets are going to my head. (and heart). 🙂

    – G

  2. rICK says:

    How did you get the bike? Rental or purchase?

  3. rICK says:

    Check out Uncle Monkey @ Busy Bee in Pokhara. I hear they are a good band.

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