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A chance encounter with a bovine in Pokhara

I met a cow tonight. Sure, I’ve seen a great many of them casually wandering the streets here, but with this one there was some sort of inter-species cultural exchange.

It all started at a bar called the Busy Bee. Over the sounds of an excellent band rocking the house apart, I met Rick; a British expat living here in Pokhara with his large collection of motorcycles. After building my confidence in his skills, we made arrangements for a lesson the following morning. So, I shaved down my alcohol consumption and managed to start walking back to the hotel before midnight.

The Nepalese are fond of being early risers, and it seems that everybody had already turned in for the night. I strolled down the moonlit streets alone. In the distance a lumbering beast approaching on the same sidewalk. We kept walking towards each other and eventually both stopped a couple of feet apart.

Frozen and staring into each others eye, I spoke a friendly “Hello, nice night we’re having?” The cow stared back.

… silence …


I asked him if he lived an interesting life. With a sparkle of understanding in his eyes he turned slightly to the side and started to pee all over the sidewalk. Satisfied with this answer, I bid farewell and we parted ways, never to speak again.


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-11 responses to “A chance encounter with a bovine in Pokhara”

  1. Sharon Shane says:

    LOL….LOL…Laughing out loud! I love it! 🙂

  2. Billy Baseball says:

    You made a HUGE cultural error Adam. The appropriate thing to do was to pull down your pants and pee on top of his “submission”. This shows respect and friendship. You are lucky the other cows didn’t trample you. This trip is truly becoming a learning experience for you. Drink it all in (not the pee).

  3. rICK says:

    Ya Billy is right on this one.

    I Wiki’d it and the protcol definately calls for a “pee-off”.

    You are truly fortunate & blessed.

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