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11.20 – Final Thoughts during Final Descent

19:40 – Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean – The airline just announced our final descent into NYC. Although I still have a few more hours of transport before I’m home I already feel the trip ending. This has been a truly amazing experience; one intense week of learning and living life to the fullest. I’ve been inspired to open my eyes and reach a new understanding of my place in the world.   

I can no longer deny the calling to see more of this planet.  This last week clarified what I need to do with my life. I have spent much of my time meeting talented musicians, creative souls, and friendly travelers who have helped me to understand that taking my passions international is not only possible, but apparently more obtainable than in the isolated bubble of my geographic location.  Even in the airport before my flight, I met two guys from the band Apse. They’re from the North East US coast, but are signed to a Spanish record label that has already released two of their albums, and just sent them on a European tour!

In the past six days I’ve seen everything but the relaxing side of travel. It became clear early in the trip how much fun it is to drop yourself into a foreign culture and work with friendly strangers to overcome the language barrier. It shocked me how friendly and cool all of the other travelers have been. The architecture, cities, and local life all forced me to step outside of my comfort zone… and you know what? I felt more content than ever before. Any form of passive subsistence dissolved before my eyes.  I gained strength to appreciate every moment to its limit and live each day to its fullest.

The biggest lesson I learned was based on a literal fact, but also holds true as a metaphor for life in general: Sometimes the whim to walk down an unfamiliar street brings the greatest unexpected joy!

During my last conversation with Melissa, we spoke of the return home. She told me her apprehension that all this knowledge and understanding would probably fade once she resumed her normal daily routine. In comparison to her months of travel, my week seems pathetic, but I don’t see how a life-changing experience can fade unless you let it. I’m determined to avoid that at all costs.

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