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I spent 9 hours in transit to Seoul, and several trains, a plane and a bus.  The flight part was only 90 minutes, getting to and from what have to be 2 of the farthest airports from cities was time consuming though.

Seoul is big and busy, sort of like Tokyo but a little less orderly.  First night I went out with a group from the hostel (including someone who spoke Korean) for some traditional Korean BBQ, not bad, but not as good as the Japanese BBQ.  The food here is spicy in general, one of the staples is a pickled cabbage.

The hostel here is a good place to meet people, and I’m getting lots of recommendations of things to do here and the rest of Korea.  I’ll put up a longer entry on Seoul later.

changing of the guard

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    That’s a great photo! Don’t eat dog! :P

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