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Lucerne, Switzerland

A really nice city in the interior of Switzerland provides a great staging point for ventures and not too far from Interlaken if you wish to return there. I headed out for a day trip up to Engelburg to see Mt Tilis.

A short little ride up the valley, through typical small mountain villages up to Engelburg. Engelburg is busy with tourists, though somewhat less than Interlaken. When I arrived, Mt Tillis was way to in the clouds. Visibility, nothing. So I decided at Engelburg to not go up the expensive lift, and to take a hike. I never found the lead trail, but it was a good thing because I ended up really tired so I just wandered around town and over to the next town. There was one point where a little screaming girl found an echo, hallo!

Bought a souvenir watch in Lucerne and walked around to see the city. It has a really nice setting, and would be a great central location after Interlaken for an area to go. In fact the mountains, lifts and valleys up to Engelburg would almost be as good as in Interlaken. I took a few photos from here to make up for those lost of Switzerland.


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