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Focus… on a castle, Dover

Tuesday, June 20th, 2006

Those lifetime hangovers really are a killer.  I’ve been having fun, doing the normal stuff, and thats really why there is no postings – everything is normal.  Doesn’t look like i can make it to running of the bulls, that would have been exciting.  Maybe next year, or the other one in August.  Anyone want to tempt fate with me?  Not sure if surfing is a go yet either, will try though.

I was drinking, and thought, focus, just focus.  Not because of the liquor, but because if you want to drink, do it somewhere close to home.  Decided to get out of the city, and go see something move lively and real, so took a train out to Dover.

Now Dover really has 2 main things; the castle, and the white cliffs.  This apart from the major terminal for ferries and the hovercraft.  If its clear outside, they say you can see France. 

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The clouds are gone…

Sunday, June 4th, 2006

You could hear the birds chirping. I was walking down the street, with the sky a light blue, and a purple haze over the horizon. No sun yet. The street was quieter than usual, but not really all that deserted. A few were out, smoking, walking, driving, as there always is. Its 5am and I was heading home after a good night out.

The weather has been really nice recently. After the long cloudy week, it felt nice to be out in the sun.

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The normal stuff.. and terryaki sauce

Thursday, June 1st, 2006
The last weekend was a bank holiday. So I decided to get out and do something. I had planned to go to more museums, but atlas, sleep was so much better. Then went out and wandered, shoped ... [Continue reading this entry]