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Bitter ramblings part 1

Initial thoughts upon return (maybe a little bitter). I will add some stats that’s in the works.

Initial bitter ramblings about being back in Edmonton (early September)….

I feel uneasy. A restlessness. Could be the change in time zones, could be the cold, could be being back here. The history is here. I liked having no past history and anonymity.

I got back and the airport looked very empty. Waiting for a shuttle bus, I saw a truck and debated whether or not to take a picture. Eventually I took several pictures of trucks. It has been a year and a half since I’ve seen a decent number of trucks. The train prices have gone up, 2.50 now for a ticket, that’s about comparable to most cities in Europe, except London of course.

What of this new and old life here? Should it be a time to stay, or should it be a time to move back? It’s like a new start back here, but not.
maybe start again from scratch.

I was on the bus and train, and there were all these kids. I don’t really like being around kids, those little *#^!*, and also have having to listen to them on the bus or train. I think a location switch is in order. Even the university kids look too young. I am young too, and still doesn’t seem to place in the right age group.

Not quite as bitter ramblings…. (early September)

It’s good to visit friends again.

Edmonton, well coming from London, it’s not the kind of similar place that I would still like to be living in. But now, it back here and maybe some more good times, different then the last year.

The trip, well trip of a lifetime is right, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have been reviewing sites and Sanfermintv to try and find myself on the running of the bulls videos and photos. I wish I could save a copy of these. I think I have found myself on the video of July 9th, on the top right corner of the video. The only thing was that I was pushing with someone beside me for a long while all the time running, and that’s why I may be visible in there.

All the adventure sports were exciting. Rafting, scuba diving, quad biking, hang gliding, mountain biking, lots of hiking, ice climbing, canyoning, and finally surfing. Some were definitely more exciting than others, and it gives me an idea of what to pursue next. Ice climbing!

The alps were another highlight. I spent many days chasing mountain peaks, battered by rain, sleet, and crossing a lot of snow. Many days were foggy with rain, and it was those days that it was the hardest and least likely to hike to the peaks. Sunny days were great, and lots of ground was covered on those days. Many places would be great to go during the winter and ski, someday.

Came back with over 7000 of my own photos after sorting them on the road, plus videos and plus friends pictures. They are still being sorted. Some are unreal, they look fake. How do you make them look real?

I am going to try and not return to exactly the way things were. I saw 2 movies in the last year, and watched little tv, mainly football (soccer) that roommates were watching. I lived without a microwave, very little fridge or freezer space, and no hot water out of the taps. The shower thankfully, had hot water, run on a electrical system. A computer was another thing, rarely used them for personal time . I go back to a somewhat permanent residence, and all of a sudden I have a computer, and I spend an infinite amount of time on it. I will try and limit myself to a very small amount of time on a computer, it is a disease. Styles here are different, but not completely. That’s something to be worked on.

A job here will be interesting. I will take my time and find on that I really like. And maybe I’ll like the city again. If not, its time to move, somewhere larger, somewhere with more life, more options.


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  1. Colin says:


    Good to see your back, send me an email with your new number, and we should arrange a time to go get a drink.

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