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Burning food

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

The other night the rice wasn’t done cooking, so i left it on the burner and didn’t put enough water in it.  Now i have a really burnt pot.  Actually, two.  The soup had water in it and did the same thing.  I looked up old fashion solution, lots, including bleach, burning it, and a fabric softener.  The one that seemed to work the best was baking powder and vinegar.  Now there should be some scientific method behind this, it may be that vinegar is corrosive, only slightly, but does the baking powder do? i mean besides neutralize the acidic vinegar.  Makes lots of fizing, just like the volcanoes you can make as a kid.

Ready to leave

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

I have bought a ticket for London, applied for a work visa, insurance, AHC extension, etc. and did it all in 2 days.  I leave april 4th, soon.  For simplicity sake, I went through SWAP and did everything through them.  I am just as excited about quiting my job as i am to leave for my adventure.  Time to shop, pack and clean house.