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One last time… for now.

Went to visit old work, and visit with a few friends. It was good to see friends again, and I would have stayed in London for longer if I could have. It’s neat because still going to new bars right in the middle of everything that we didn’t know existed. Sangria was good after the Chinese food.

Finally went to Buckingham palace. It was pretty nice. Too bad there’s no photos allowed inside. I scanned books after and there are hardly any photos in them either.

Saw Leeds castle in Kent also with Mindaugas. It was nice castle. Pretty small for a castle, the original that there are still some foundation remains, looked like it was quite massive. I would not though categorize it as the top of the list as so many people do.

I was heading out for my flight, first thing in the morning. Because of the strike by maintenance staff on the tube, there was a queue of more than 100 people waiting outside the tube station at kings cross. I tried other entrances, but all blocked off. When they finally let people in, it was everybody, and the station was empty. Pointless to block it off really. I left 3 hours before my flight, 1 hour to the airport and 2 to check in I figured. It took about an hour to get to the airport, the Piccadilly line was running smoothly. At the airport the queue was huge for check-in, only one large line for air Canada. It took about an hour. Then up through security, and security almost took and hour as well. I was pleased after I set off the metal detector, that the guy there was young and didn’t really care, said what’s in your pocket, I pulled out a plastic sleeve and he waived me through. The pretty much defeats the purpose of all this security. Once I got through, I was thinking about duty free shopping. I checked for my gate and the plane was already boarding. It was quite late already, so I head quickly for the gate. The boarding status changed to final call while I was walking there and was one of the last to board. You really need more than 2 hours in Heathrow that place to make it a comfortably in time.

The plane was impressive. Anyone who always flies Ryan Air, or Easy Jet would say that, but it really was impressive. It was 9.5 hour flight on this massive plane 7 people across with 2 rows. Each person had their own entertainment center, via the touch screen in the chair in front of us, that had music, movies, tv, and more. I watched 3 movies, X2, Spiderman 3, and Shrek 3. They served a major meal after take off, and a snack a couple hours before landing. Refreshments were served every hour. You should see fist class on this plane, huge reclining seats like lazyboys, with extra footrests. I wonder if it was a massaging chair with all that technocrap behind it.

Got off the plane, took a picture of the empty airport and a truck. Don’t see those much over there.

I added the where I’ve been application on facebook for the time being, just to try and figure out some stats on my trip and the maps on this blog site don’t work properly. I will update everything while I sort photos, post a few albums and redo a lot of the posts. Post trip cleanup. Lots of things to do. Wish I was still out there.


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