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Country of Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a tiny, tiny country. The ticket checker comes and tells me, this ticket is no good for going this way. I found out why 5 mins later as we roll by Schaan Vaduz and the train doesn’t stop. Then, in trying to find my hostel, I walked half the country.

Coming from Innsbruck, the ticket checker tells me to go buy a ticket back from Buchs (technically Switzerland) to Vaduz. Instead, I decide to catch a bus from Buchs to Schaan. I take it too many stops and end up in Vaduz. Well, how far can it be? I decide to walk, and walk back to the town of Schaan, slightly less than an hour. From there I spend a couple of hours looking for my hostel, as the google map was a little bit off. This was half the country. Tomorrow, I would travel most of the country again.

There really was not much there. With my backpack in the morning, I walked the main street of the capital, Vaduz in about 10 mins and took pictures. Yep, looks like Switzerland. The towns are really small and just blend into each other.

I take the bus to Sargans. This bus runs the entire length of Liechtenstein, and into Switzerland where Sargans is, and it was a enjoyable short ride to see the whole country.


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