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June 1st – Shimla, India Continued

The reception with the governor was a tad boring as I really couldn’t understand him that well but the guys standing at the entrance way to the reception hall made the point for him.  It last about two hours and aftewards I got some dinner and finished up some last minute work I needed to get done before our first day of classes.  Instead of working of course I decided to chat with people and avoid doing work at all costs.  At one point I went outside where it was dark but the street was lighted just to read in a different environment.  It will be crucial for me to find a solid study location because otherwise I will have a real tough time getting my work done, especially in a place like Shimla where I could spend hours walking around and exploring.

At around 930PM I was outside reading when one of my professors saw me outside and asked if I wanted to take a walk.  I said sure so we went walking all the way up to the upper mall area of Shimla and had some nice conversation.  On the way back I bought three bracelets, one of which went on my ankle, so like last summer and most places I go my chatchka collection is slowly starting to increase and I very excited.  I really haven’t spent that much money so far in India and I know that a lot of great excurisions will be offered in Africa and I certainly want to have the cash flow available to do the things I want without being financially constrained.

Once I returned from our walk I went to my room and packed it in for the night. 


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