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June 1st 2008 – Shimla, India

Today was my day to sleep a little bit, or as much as I could as I did NOT have to get up at 5am or anything crazy, it was a day to move at your our leisure which is very nice.  Today I woke up at 830am which was late considering how early I had previously been getting up.  I had a nice casual breakfast which was prepared lovely and then took a walk with Sarah, one of my friends in the group.  Initially we were looking for a place to study outside of the hotel and away from the other students, but after walking for about 10 minutes we really didn’t find much. so we turned back and decided to just start reading in the hotel.  So now it is 203PM and I am about to grab some lunch and get dressed for our 330pm meeting.  We are having the pleasure of meeting the governor of the Indian state which we are in which includes him giving us a speech and having a nice reception.  So for now goodbye and speak to you all tomorrow.



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