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May 31st Delhi – Shimla

Today was our 13 hour bus ride to Shimla, which included bathroom stops, lunch stop and a late snack/bathroom stop.  The bus would be long and since I had forgotten my cell phone under the bus which had my only source of music for the trip and my MP3 player plug at home I was at the mercy of who was awake and able to chat.  I chatted with many people throughout the trip and we left at 6am and arrived at shimla at around 715pm!  It was a hell of a long bus ride.  At one point we were stopped at the entrance way to the highway which leads up to the mountains, and basically they made us wait an hour until we provided them with enough paperwork and bribe money, which was complete bullshit.  See Shimla is one of the most famous british hill stations.  It is at a pretty high elevation, maybe over 10000 feet and now basically indians retreat up here to get away from the blistering sun and heat of the cities to the south and east.  When we arrived we had to gather our stuff off the bus as we would be bidding it adieu and then traveled only several kilometers by jeep which were narrow enough to make it to the stairs near our hotel.  Since Shimla is located on a mountain it is extremely hilly and have many steep roads.  With that said we had to climb up stairs with all our crap to our hotel where we were going to spending the next two weeks.  Classes would begin in two days so it was quickly back to work.  I was very much not looking forward to getting back to reading and doing work as I have only finished my finals a few weeks ago.  Still waiting on two grades by the way.  Anyway the hotel we are staying is at is quite nice, but many others got rooms significantly bigger than mine, and my roommate and I were not happy about the room we were given, but I told her we just had to eat it and move on.  I mean we are all paying the same amount and some people have rooms which are probably a lot more money than ours, so I could definitely understand her point in that respect.  The rest of the night, I basically got some dinner which is provided for us in a buffet style as are all meals while in Shimla, had a drink with some classmates and called it a night.  Tomorrow was sunday and this was the day to do work and get my shit straight. 


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