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June 2nd – Shimla, India

Today was the first day of classes.  I got up at 7am so I could shower up, get some food and get ready to do work, be on the ball.  I did all of that and then got my palm and books and went to our makeshift classroom.  There weren’t any tables so I propped up two of my big coursebooks on my lap and slapped my palm with the small keyboard on it.  This is how I would take notes for the next three weeks.  It seemed to work fine and the classes went pretty well.  It was tough to sit for 3.5 hours with small breaks in between but all in all they went alright.  I got in to some debate with student about various issues some of which I have never thought about and never formulated an opinion with.

Right now it is raining out and I am about to head to a coffee shop and get my work done for tomorrow or maybe the day after depending on how much I get through.  Some of the reading is quite thick and dense and takes time to get through.


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