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Coming Around Full Circle – Bangkok, Thailand

Well I had finally come around full circle and made it back to bangkok in more or less one piece.  It was 7am and I was up early.  The tour was officially over and all that was covered was breakfast.  Today I had to find a place to sleep for the next two nights and had an idea where I wanted to go; Khao San Road.  KSR is where all the backpackers go.  It is touristy, but has everything you need, and if your bargaining skills are up to par you will get the same deals here that you could get in other markets.  Last time I was in Bangkok Minette took me to D&D where she was staying and it was pretty nice.  Rooftop pool open late, internet that was competitive if not cheaper than the surrounding area, and a great atmosphere with loads of backpackers.  Definitely a different atmosphere than Suk 11 which I personally thought was a little overrated from what others had told me.

So after packing up all my stuff, which consisted of now three huge bags, including my duffel that I normally used to protect the straps on my big rucksack, that was full.  It would be a pain in the butt getting to wherever I needed to go and then have to carry it to the place, but I was up to the challenge.  I decided to leave as close to 12pm as possible, since that is when we had to check out and that is the time that D&D had told me to come back to see if they had rooms available (you know who checked in and out).  So that is what I did.  I waited till 12pm, split a cab with Elizabeth who was also on a mission to find a place to sleep and that was that.  The cab was really full, and luckily everything fit.

When we arrived at D&D, we each got a room, which was nice, and then spent the day kind of just going around Bangkok.  I wanted vegemite, and some more clothing and things to buy (naturally of course), so that is what we were off to do.  Unfortunately the vegemite was all the way across town at the supermarket right near Suk 11.  So we first hopped in a tuk tuk that said 1 stop only, we agreed and the price was cheap.  We were a bit worried about where he might REALLY take us and if he would just leave us someplace random after getting his gas coupon.  He brought us to a tailor shop called Manhattan.  SO MUCH more expensive than Hoi An.  To anyone going to Hoi An, Vietnam, BUY ALL YOUR CLOTHING THERE.  Thailand is a HUGE rip off compared to Hoi An, and I would venture to guess that the quality is better in Vietnam.  So after spending 10 minutes which we agreed to with the driver, we were off, or so we thought.  Eventually the tuk tuk driver dropped us off at the BTS Skyrail station, and was like get out.  I was like “what do you mean get out?”  He basically was telling us that he didn’t want to take us any farther and that he really didn’t care if we paid or not because he got his coupon from the tailor shop.  After I started to get a little angry, Elizabeth took over, and I just said “fuck it, let’s get out.”  We didn’t even pay, but he knew that it would cost us the same to get to where we wanted to go by the skyrail, then for him to take us, which is was, ironically enough.  What a bastard, I was steaming from that.  I knew where we were and how to get to where we were going, but it was just annoying to have to deal with that type of shit, you know?

So we hopped on the skyrail, transferred at Siam station and headed to Nana station which was right in front of Suk Soi 11.  We walked to the supermarket and found the vegemite.  It was really expensive, but worth it considering they were taken off the shelves in America, something about one of the ingredients, screw the FDA I love yeast and beef extract!  I also got some water and crackers, so I had something to spread the vegemite with.

After going to the supermarket I had the idea of going to see a movie.  Mom had told me that Oceans 13 was great when I phoned her last, so I was keen on seeing that.  Elizabeth agreed and went in to Suk 11 to use the internet and find out where the heck the movie theater was.  It was convienently located only a few stops away by the skyrail, on the same line and you could walk from the station in to the shopping center; and what a shopping center this was.  There must have been like 10 stories to it and it had everything.  It was called “The Emporium” for anyone going to Bangkok and it had probably the nicest movie theater I have ever seen, and cheap.  We ended up paying 160 baht each, more than usual because it was in the new Digital 2.0K theater.  No more reel to reel, this scene projected digital quality movies, and it was spectacular.  Between the sound and picture the movie looked awesome and the seats where so comfortable.  Also fyi, if you go to the theater AFTER 830pm it is only 80 baht for a movie, which is like 2.50!  This just shows me how much we get ripped off back in America!

We also had Burger King before the movie.  I hadn’t had fast food in ages, and probably won’t have it much when I go home.  I am done with fast food.  I want to become part of the “Slow food” movement happening in Italy and other parts of the world.

There were a ton of previews and the movie was good, over 2 hours so when we got out it was now the evening.  The night was rather quiet.  I stayed in and just enjoyed the big bed, tv, and walked a bit around KSR.


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