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Bangkok, Thailand

June 21, 2007

Believe it or not, this was my LAST full day in Asia 🙁  and I had nothing planned.  The only thing I had to do was to go downstairs around 10ish to see if I could switch to another cheaper room for the last night.  That didn’t happen so I had to fork out a little more than I thought, which was really fine.  All my crap was all over the place and there was no way I would be bothered by moving to another room.  I got some breakfast, and headed to the pool.  I wanted to get a little tan action going on.  I laid out at the pool for about 2 hours.  Did a little swimming, and a little reading of my Angkor Wat book that I bought for 5 bucks and was retail for about 30.  It was real and not photocopied like the last book I bought.  Great coffee table and conversation book.  I also read more of my book about the Cambodian Genocide “First they killed my father.”  I got bored after a while and wanted to go off and do something.  I headed across town to Suk area and got a 2 hour oil massage (legit of course).  It was cheaper than usual and was very nice.  After that I had to bargain like crazy to get back and ended up paying less than what the meter was reading “score!”  That is what the cab driver gets for trying to exploit me and not use the meter!  Bastardo!  I got back to the hotel and was tired.  I did a little more shopping, then went back to the room to watch whatever movie was on.  I chilled out for a bit and then around 730 or so decided to walk the street and go out.  Khao San Road is fabulous at night.  So many touts, shops, street vendors, hawkers, you name it, it comes to KSR at night.  Oh and there are hundreds if not thousands roaming the street.  I can only imagine what it is like during the high season, because it is pretty darn crowded during the night now.

The night was a crazy one and let me sum it up for you like this:

I was drunk at 930pm, I woke up naked, still drunk and with a new piercing (yet to be revealed).


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