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Last day in Asia :-(

June 22nd, 2007

Even though my flight leaves at 3am on the 23rd I have to go to the airport before on the 22nd to check in and stuff.  Today is my final day in Asia.  It is bitter sweet.  I would love to continue to travel, but part of me is very excited to go home.  After more than 60 days of traveling straight, it really begins to take a toll on your body, mind and soul.  You hate your pack and all the stuff in it.  You hate having to repack and unpack and all that crap.  You start to miss your own bed, home, shower, and most important toliet!  So I am happy to go home, but sad to leave Asia.

My next entry will be from home:  good ole’ Great Neck, NY, USA.  I think I will continue to blog my life.  I will be going to California for 3 weeks with this traveling camp for kids, so I think I will write a bit about that.  If there is a way to split my blog between Asia and then post-asia life I will have to figure that out, because that would be the easiest so people can read about my journey through Asia.  Maybe I will just create another blog.

Ok that is enough rambling.  I have officially checked out of the D&D, my bags are stored and I think I will just sit at the pool for most of the day, get a tan and head to the airport when I feel like it.

Thanks for taking this incredible journey with me, more of my thoughts and reflections on my trip will come after I get home, relax and chill out.  Oh and look for my long awaited awards!




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