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Siem Reap

Monday June 18th, 2007

Today was our last full day in Siem Reap.  Our meeting time was 830am, not bad considering the day before was at 430am.  We were going to see a few more temples located about 50 minutes outside of the main Siem Reap area.  One of the temples was the famous temple from Tomb Raider the movie.  It was located in a jungle and was really cool.

Again basically until midday we basically just took a lot of photos and we listen to Ly spout of so much quality information about the temples it really made the tour of these temples worth it.  Personally I thought he was our best tour guide of the whole trip and as a result I tipped him the best.  We were done at 12pm and were dropped off in town.  I was hot and sweaty, but there were some things I wanted to buy and I wanted to see the town during the day.  There was a good day market from what I had heard and figured I could get some stuff there.

I walked around the market and finally was able to get my hands on a hammock.  I was dying for a hammock the whole trip, they had such comfortable ones, and I could basically hang it where ever I wanted.  At first I went to a few shops who didn’t have what I was looking for.  Finally I went to one shop, the kid kind of understood what I was asking for and he basically just brought me to all these different shops showing me different types of hammocks, but they weren’t what I was looking for.  Eventually the guy brought me back to his shop in this covered day market and I just settled for buying what he had.  The material was right but the holes were a little big.  I figured I could just cover them up with a sheet anyway, so I wasn’t worried.  I ended up buying a few more things in the market and then it was time for food.

I walked down to pub street to temple club and decided on getting some pizza.  I had been craving pizza and this place was affordable enough and you got a free soft drink with lunch, I was sold!  Standing next to me was this girl.  After I sat down she asked me if I wanted company, I said “sure,” and we started chatting.  Her name was Chloe, she was from London, and had been living abroad and traveling for several years now.  I never got her age, but I am thinking she was in her late, late twenties just based on all the traveling she had done.  She had just spent a month in the south of Cambodia volunteering at local schools and staying with a local family.  She had picked up some Khmer (local language) which was impressive and was able to order and get the waiter’s attention.  We each ordered some soda, split a bottle of water and split a large greek pizza.  All very good.  The food took a long time which was typical for Cambodia and that just gave us some more time to chat.

After lunch we said goodbye and I had to get back to the hotel.  We had to meet at 6pm for our last night our and pre dinner drinks.

I went back, took a shower, walked around the markets a little more and just chilled out before 6pm.  At 6 Andy had already planned out where we were going for drinks and dinner.  The place for drinks was called FCC and was really sheik.  It was half price drinks during happy hour, hence why we were going there.  The place also had a pool table indoors, which was air conditioned so that was also good.  But after being there for about 30 minutes it started to rain like hell.  One of those typical flooding passing showers, where it rained like hell for a little while then stopped, but left the flooding behind.

Our tuk tuk drivers were getting soaked and wanted us to make moves, so we decided to head off to dinner and leave the FCC.  Dinner was at temple club!  I had already eaten there for lunch, but as luck would have it, would have to eat there for dinner as well.  Andy took us to this particular restaurant because from 730 to 930 there was traditional Khmer dancing.  I videotaped two full dances and watched the rest.  I ordered spring rolls and a bucket of redbull and vodka.  Since I already had a few drinks before I was in the mood to continue.  I could not finish the whole bucket.  I mean there was probably 64 ounces of redbull and vodka and I almost finished but decided to pass.  From upstairs temple club we went downstairs where it was more of a bar/club type atmosphere.  Elizabeth and I split a jug of Long Island Ice Tea and were set.  We sat outside chatting it up, Deb was drunk and decided to dance in the middle of the street like usual, making a fool out of herself, but it was funny and I got some good photos of that.  From temple club we moved across the street to the “Angkor What?” Bar.  It had such a great name because supposedly it was the first establishment in these developed areas of Siem Reap.  They had good music as well, but it was a little on the empty side.

Again I ordered a Long Island Ice Tea jug and was set.  I split it again with Elizabeth and bought an “Angkor What?” T-shirt.  It was too hard to pass up.  We would stay out till about 2am and had to be up and ready to leave by 730am to head back to Bangkok from Siem Reap.

I passed out and was up at 7am when Morrie’s ridiculous alarm clock went off again…


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